secrets of faydwer

update history:

06-11-2007 added item comparison
06-11-2007 updated item information
07-11-2007 added spell vendors
08-11-2007 added new item pictures
08-11-2007 updated armor information (with new focusnames)
08-11-2007 added item icons
08-11-2007 updated item information (with new focusnams)
08-11-2007 updated spells
08-11-2007 updated last cauldron item
09-11-2007 moved all items to a database
09-11-2007 focus database available (use the links below the item pics)
09-11-2007 all categories up-to-date
10-11-2007 updated pet weapons (new stats and look)
10-11-2007 updated vendor pricelists (real prices in now)
10-11-2007 updated rod picture/look (other summoned)
11-11-2007 updated 3 items (1, 2, 3) with clicky effects, could be more. but no information available atm
11-11-2007 added map locations to spell vendors
12-11-2007 updated vendor pricelists
16-11-2007 updated vendor pricelists

todo list

- spell data
- pet focus list
- full set of focus for mages